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    Palm Harbor, florida U.S.A. (on the Gulf Coast by Tampa Bay)
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    Vintage 1991 Cannondale SR 400 & Bianchi ViaNirone7
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    Hello From Palm Harbor Florida U.S.A.

    Hi People,
    I'm new to biking due to a ex-lady friend who rode, I started out trying to ride with her on an old mountain bike some tenant left behind, riding that bike prompted me to buy a real BIKE, I found a used Bianchi Alu Hydro Triple Butted 6000 Via Nirone 7 Aluminum / Carbon that people admired wherever I rode. Then I found my 1991 Cannondale SR 400 in almost perfect condition at a Yard Sale for $50.00 US. I didn't even know what a treasure I had until I took it to the Cycle Shop for a much needed tune up. Yes, it's Old and Stiff (like me) but the ride is fantastic its all original, it has a few scrapes and scratches (like me) but true Bike people always come up to me with some comments on that's the bike they wanted or had. I am still trying to decipher the serial number (B1-0302 & 64807 15416) and replace a broken plastic toe clip. But my Cannondale SR 400 got my tired old ass off the couch and out riding again. If I go for a ride I always pick the old SR 400 over the new Bianchi, it's just a better ride and reminds me that old is sometimes more fun !

    John from Palm Harbor, FL U.S.A.

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    Hi John, I'm a former SR300 owner, fantastic bike. Your serial number does not correspond with any of the Cannondale factory schemes. Here is a link to Vintage Cannondale's Serial Number page: . You should post a question with pictures of your bike in the Classic and Vintage Forum along with the serial numbers you have here. Snow the drive side out, the bottom bracket from below and the rear and front shots. Use a light or white background that is uncluttered. The experts in that forum can help you the best. Hope you enjoy your bike and the miles it gives you.

    "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me"

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