Neil from San Diego--PB/Rose Canyon area.

New to this forum. Been hanging around on CyclingForums and the Usenet groups (, rec.bicycles.misc) for quite a while.

Was a pretty serious MTB rider years ago. Bought a Cannondale T2000 tourer a few years ago to learn about road riding and commute to work. Pretty serious eye issues forced me out of work, leaving me a little more time than I'd like to ride. My Cannondale's great, but a major pig (~30#) on the hills. Sick of getting dropped. Of course, if I cut back on the pasta, that would help, too

A few weeks ago, I plopped down a wad of cash on a Moots Vamoots with a Campy package. It's due in another week +/-. If it ever stops raining around here, I'm pretty damned excited about logging some miles on it. With the eye issues, I'm pretty limited as to what I can do . . . but I can ride . . . and ride I shall!

Best to all,