After a few years off the bike, I'm back on it and ready to start racing again.

A former cat 3, and transplanted Texan, I moved to Columbus in 200. I was burnt out. I continued to ride
some for the next year but never renewed my license. In 2001, I for the most part gave up riding, except for a rare ride on those rare days in Central Ohio when it wasnt cloudy, cold, wet or sticky and miserable beyond belief. That's also when I took up ice hockey, andI'm currently playing goalie 2 to 4 nights a week.

I had been playing 4 nights a week, and then started realizing how old I'm getting (I'll be 48), and how ut of shape I am despite all the time I put in on the ice. And that's because until last Sept I was doing nothing else except hockey and too many 12 oz curls ( they gotogether so well!). My body wasn't recovering, and it was affecting my game.

Thats when I pulled the bike out, and started training again. It hashelped my game to a point, I just need to get more consistent with it. I am now playing only 2 nights a week....and I have no intention of giving it up. Getting the bike out also made me realize how much I missed cycling, and all the benefits I got from it. Not only was I getting in better shape which help my game, but it helped me mentally.

My goal is to get back into race shape, and do some races in the 4's and Masters.