At 38 and a half I am glad to have found this place . I'll save the "back in the day" stories for interested parties , but my first bike was a Schwinn Stingray with Ashtabula forks and Mag 1's . Ridden tons of bikes in my day and had to adjust to more than one purchase that was not satisfactory and yet "FINAL" in sales terms .

I'll see if I can find my old glory day pictures to contribute , this sport has meant a great deal to me in the past 26 years and I may have some humble advice for my younger peers , but hope to soak you all for updates and advice in the pursuit of keeping my youth alive !

Building my last bike (which is my best ever I think) and need to grow the balls to pull off a bunnyhop tailwhip before I am 40 .

Be seeing y'all soon !