As I stumble through the stages of life (I reached Fifty for the first time in August of 2005), I'm thinking about the possiblity I might actually survive to retirement. This got me thinking about what I like and don't like and what I want to do when I retire. Like many other folks, I have a hard time nailing down what I really like, but I can easily come up with a list of things I hate, and near the top of that list is driving. I got my first car when I graduated from the U of AZ in Tucson in '77 to start working in Phoenix, so when I retire (?2016?), it seems natural to me to retire my drivers license too.

I haven't ridden a bicycle since I was a child, since before I succumbed to the car vice I was always pleased to just "walk on" whenever I needed to go anywhere, but I've been thinking a commuter bike could be useful for taking me to the national forest on the outskirts of town for my squirrel hunts, bringing back groceries from the store that I plan to be walking distance from, and getting to the local amateur radio club meetings, linux user group meeting, library and bookstore etc. So of course, being me, I'm not going to wait until retirement to investigate, but instead will try my best to decide on a bike, get it and use it "as if" I was retired, for practice.

My current plan involves a bike based upon a Thorn Enduro frame with a Rohloff 14 hub and a rigid front fork. It seems like something that will keep me busy for awhile. My research has made me very fond of the hub, and the Enduro frame seems like a good match.