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Thread: G'day mate

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    G'day mate

    g'day everybody,

    Im an Aussie and have been riding since i wias tiny. For the last 3 years have been racing cross country and am just starting to get into free ride / downhill. Looking forward to it.

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    Welcome Giantac2,

    Always glad to have a Aussie on board, OZland must be great for touring, I have a mate who has emmigrated to over there, just moved last week, will take his family over next year, I am thinking of touring over there next year or so, I look forward to it.

    I ll never forget the story my friend told me comming back from your country.
    He said he was surfing along with the locals, having a great time, then all the locals vanished. 35 mins later they were all swimming back towards him when one of them shouts . " Allright mate" " Are you a Pom by any chance". My friend who by now was totally bewildered was thinking how did they figure that out I did not speak to them," shouts out yeah that right " "how did you figure on that". The Aussie shouts back " yeah we figured you were a pom as you still carried on swiming when the 10 hammerheads joined you.

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