Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums and kind of new to biking.

I'm replacing my department-store Huffy with a bike from my LBS next month. The Huffy has served me pretty well over the last three years, but it's on its way out: both wheels are slightly bent, everything needs adjusting but when I do so things bend and/or break, etc. Last year I rode that thing everywhere becuase I didn't have a car but I liked it much better than driving. Where I live it's often quicker to bike or even walk places than to drive.

Since I've started driving, I've also gained some pounds I need to lose. I'm hoping getting back to commuting will help me lose some of the weight I've packed on (no more drive-thrus for me!), but I'm also hoping to eventually hit some of the beautiful trails in the Cascades once I work up to that level. I've also noticed I don't enjoy my days as much when I have to drive and I'm usually more aggressive because of idiot drivers and dealing with parking at a small but busy university campus.

Anyway, this looks like a great place to discuss biking and I look forward to hanging out here!