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    I hate subject lines....

    I never know what to write.

    Hey all, I live in RI. I just joined this forum. I looks better and more suited to my needs than the others I have looked at. I have been road riding for about 7 months. I used to ride my mountain bike (on the road), I did this for about 5 years when I lived up in Boston. Then last summer I finally got hooked on the Tour de France and have proceeded to have all sort of Lance fantasies (just the ones that I am Lance...I think there would have been an "I want to be like Lance" commercial, not Michael).
    So I bought myself a Schwinn Supersport GLX, which was so expensive I promptly named it Precious. And ever since that and the purchase of my odometer I have been hooked/obsessed.... I am going to ride my first century in September and I am highly excited, nervous, exhausted and tired already.... It could be a long summer.

    Enough babbling.

    Hope y'all have a lovely day.

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    Welcome to the forums. Look forward to hearing about your century, and adventures leading up to it!
    "...perhaps the world needs a little more Canada" - Jean Chretian, 2003.

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    presfoxm, how do you like the cycling scene in Newport? Recommended or no?

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