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    Greetings from the Antipodes (well - sunny New Zealand anyway)

    Hi all,

    I'm not really a rider yet but after looking at some of the cool retro rides around I think I soon will be. The main reason I have joined this site in my quest for information in the restoration of an old school 20" Healing Loline (very similar to a Raleigh Twenty). My eldest son has Cerebral Palsy and, while he can't walk, loves to ride his trike - he has come to the stage where he really needs a chain drive trike.
    My wife and I have been looking for ages and have found that there is a) a limited selection available in NZ and b) what is here is very expensive. The solution was to purchase an old 20" bicycle (locally) and a trike conversion kit (from eBay) and start the process of creating a rad ride - the bicycle I obtained was an old Healing Loline that had been "chopperised" (you know the style - 16" wheel on front, ape hangers, banana seat, etc) and I am currently in the process of stripping the bike down to get it painted, etc.
    I have a raft of questions that I want to get answers for (what brakes to use? drum or rim?, etc) and am happy to be pointed to the correct forum for posting purposes.

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    Welcome, Loline.
    C&V is what you want.

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    Welcome to BF and best of luck with your trike conversion. Hope it works out perfectly!

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