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    Trying to choose the best bike for the $ ! HELP ! Bike Enthusiasts!

    Hi guys,

    Trying to pick the right bike for the $

    I will be using for a bit of NYC commuting, but mostly fun track days through central park for fun.

    It between :

    1. Felt F Lite SRD

    2. Mercier Aero TT
    2 years old

    3. 2009 Specialized Allez Triple

    4. (what I'm leaning towards) -
    Jamis Quest Shimano 105 Mavic

    5. Jamis Eclipse Road Series

    Let me know which is THE BEST value. Need something that will ride smooth enough with gears on city streets and also go super fast and be fun to ride through the paved streets of Central Park.

    Thanks !


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    Welcome to Bike Forums.
    The Jamis Quest posting has been deleted. Sold?
    IMHO I'd go with the Felt (I own a Felt ) or the Specialized.
    I'm guessing you're on the short side (5'-8" or less) since they're all 52-53 cm frames.
    The Mercier and the Jamis Eclipse are doubles. The others are triples. Triples are for lots of climbing (BIG hills and mountains) so the extra chainring is kind of a waste.

    Have you visited any bike shops in your area? You may find a good deal on an entry level road bike in the same price range.

    Let us know what bike you get.
    Good luck.

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    Welcome to BF! The right bike for you is the one that’s the most comfortable and efficient for you to ride. The only way to really determine that is buy test-riding the ones you’re interested in. After that, the one that’s the best buy is the one that’s in the best ready-to-ride condition and will need the least service/maintenance/repair in the foreseeable future. Good luck with your shopping!

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    Welcome to bikeforums!

    As said above, always test ride before you buy! You're not committed to having to buy it from the getgo.

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