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Thread: Heya From NYC

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    Heya From NYC

    Heya Guys

    Im new to the cycling world, been riding now for about 2 months and im having a blast...I haven't been on a bike since my early 20s(now41) gave up on it since cars and streets weren't that safe back then. but now with all the bike lanes around the area(even thought cars are still a danger) feels a bit safer I think I have a second hand specialized bike that so far its been good to me and love it "wife a bit jealous" cause now all I do is talk about the bike getting this for it and that...

    so far the longest ride ive had on it was 31.32 miles it was a nice ride around manhattan and back home to bklyn, loved riding on the westside of the city but had issues finding the right way on the eastside of the city jumping from river path to street path was going crazy till found the right way to come back downtown....

    now my goal is to ride from my apt in bklyn to my sisters house in buffalo everyone I tell this to says im crazy that im trying to kill myself doing it but I think it would be a lot of fun, see and travel thru new places in ny that I haven't been and seen before, just have to find the right way to go and time to do it hopefully this summer ill try it and see how far I make it.

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    Cheers, welcome to Bike Forums!

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    Welcome to BF! NYC to Buffalo will be a great ride.

    Check out -- -- for info on bicycle route maps that NYS puts out for free. You could take the Route 17 corridor from NYC to Buffalo or you could take the Route 9 corridor from NYC to Albany and then the Route 5 corridor from Albany to Buffalo. That latter option is a much more scenic run because you could spend a lot of miles hugging the Hudson River and Mohawk River/Erie Canalway if you tailored your route to do so. In addition, hugging the Hudson R and Erie Canalway/Mohawk R will keep you close to all kinds of food/beverage options and amenities of every kind. Itís hard to travel 10 miles without hitting at least some little town or village, as opposed to the Route 17 corridor--which involves some serious sparsely-populated country cycling. Also check out -- Parks & Trails New York | Cycling the Erie Canal bike tour -- for info, maps and a book about the Erie Canalway bike trail. I think the maps they offer are free (?) but the book isnít, although the book is still far more than worth the purchase price for the quality/depth of info it provides.

    Good luck with your NYC-Buffalo tour. Thatís a run that a lot of New Yorkers dream about doing but very few ever get around to doing.

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