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    Greetings from sunny Amsterdam, The Netherlands - newbee on the road

    Hello All!

    I am 33 years old, Dutch with an international mindset and recently started to bike. It was a longterm wish and so happy to have my first bike! After short time I got some left knee issues and I went to a sports doctor for a dynamic bike fit. It appeared that my Specialized Dolce X3 51 was not optimal for me, even after adjustments the saddle can not be further to the back and is missing 2 cm space there. ...So I am in search for a new bike now, and very dissappointed. The shop told me they will help to look for an alternative, but the alternatives that the sportsdoc gave me are very pricey, so I am in doubt and continuing my search. Meanwhile, the sun is shining here so perfect weather to go out, but I am bikeless....

    The alternatives she suggests are the Cervelo R3 48 or the BMC Endurance 48, as the seat tube angle would need to be about 73 or 73.5 max, while now I had 75.5 degrees....does anyone know of bikes that would have similar geometries but are more for beginners, especially in terms of price? I feel that for me both bikes are a bit pricy as I am just a newbee...doesn't mean that I am feeling that this will become one of my new activity addictions

    Look forward to share knowledge and experiences here and look around for tips 'n tricks!

    happy cycling!

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    Welcome to BF!

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    Cheers and welcome to Bike Forums.

    Can you change the saddle and/or saddle post to give you more room for adjustment?

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