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    hi guys. couple of questions.. newish rider. punctures.. help with liners please.

    Hi. I commute to work daily. 13 miles each way but recently been gettting punctures!!! I have schwable city jet tires. They have active kev guard. Ive been reading up on tire liners but im stuck between my tuffy & panaracer kev liners. If sum1 could point me in right direction as these punctures are making me late for work and costing a fortune on innertubes. Im riding a whistle miwok 1383d. The punctures ive recently been getting are slits.. no thorns or glass in the tire.. just a 1-3mm slit..

    Anyone help me with some advice please.

    Thanks for your time and for reading.

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    Welcome to BF! Large slits without any glass/nails/etc suggests there’s something wrong with this picture. Could you be pinching the tubes when you install them? Are you getting fresh (or maybe old and dry) tubes from wherever you’re getting them from? Is there something on the route that you ride that might be doing this to you? Try reposting your problem in the Bicycle Mechanics forum---it’ll be seen by a bigger and more knowledgable audience than you’ll get here in the Intro section. Good luck with that problem.

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