What an interactive and active board.... Thanks to Ron for messaging me and giving me a warm welcome.

A request to introduce myself brings forth this:
I'm 21, living in west philadelphia currently. I'm in college at Drexel University but currently not in class, I'm working at a paid internship for a traffic engineering firm. During the days I can be found either at my desk searching ebay for bike bits or doing spreadsheet work (the latter is what I'm *supposed* to do...) and often I'm in the field counting cars and taking traffic data. It's a weird job. when I go back to class I'm going to look for a nite time bike delivery job or a weekend mechanics job hopefully.

I ride to work nearly everyday. I commute on a Giant OCR2, which is fun, but I want to have a different bike to lock up all day outside. Somedays I ride during my lunch break. Hopefully my kryptonite NY chain will keep it safe. I used to ride a bridgestone rb2 to work daily but I had to give that bike to my girlfriend when she got doored by some bimbo on her first day of work as a bike messenger.
Currently in my apartment you could find six bikes of various degrees of completition. Some are now just stripped of all the valuable parts and about to be thrown out and two are complete.
I'm dreaming about opening a bike shop with a couple friends of mine after I get out of college (maybe sooner). If I don't do that, my only other plan as of right now is to be a professional hot air balloon pilot for a while (that's my hobby from time to time....)
That's enough for now.
This site needs a for sale/to buy area unless it has one already, by the way!

PS- currently reading "The Immortal Class", about a bike messenger in chicago, I highly recommend it.