I've enjoyed riding on two wheels ever since the training wheels came off and I stopped crashing. As a kid I rode a lot and did bmx riding, then some road bike riding. I stopped riding for a number of years, then took it up again in college, shortly after that I got into motorcycle riding.

I got into the motorcycle riding for quite a while until the lack of exercise made me too pudgy, so, now I've returned to road biking and some easy mountain biking for fitness and enjoyment. This has been like a re-awakening and I find myself wanting to get good enough to race or do triathalons. I'm a long way off from that, but I'm trying. CentriForce is just an acknowledgement to my love of taking corners fast (centrifugal force), whether it be with little traction on my mountain bike, down hill on my road bike or at a racetrack on my motorcycle.

I've also just joined the RoadBikeReview forum under the same name. I look forward to being here but have some pressing questions (kind of p.o.'ed really) that I'm going to ask in the mechanics section.