Hi There

I recently joined the forum because I had an old bike that I have aquired and wanted to fix up. I also was curious as to it's history and era.

The folks here were extremely helpful so I decided to stick around for a while.

I am 58 years old and have been riding bikes off and on forever. I have a new project that I started last year when I was hurt in a car wreck. (not serious, more annoying than anything else, but the doctor said stay off the bikes for a while.) I find old bikes on the side of the road that people are getting rid of and take them home to re-furbish so that I can give them to kids whose parents can't afford a bike. I remember being a kid in a not so well off family (my dad died when I was 11) and know what it's like to not have a bike of any kind be it used, new, or otherwise.

When I'm not fixing bikes for kids I am out riding whenever I can.

I enjoy Mountain Biking primarily but have been known to ride an occasional road bike (got to check them out before the kids get them)

Any one who wants to strike up a conversation will be welcome.

Have a great ride !!