hey all, i'm new to the roadie scene, and its been a good 5 years since i have really ridden a bike period. i used to do some non-sanctiond amature cross country races back in the day, but wasnt really too serious about racing. cycling has always been more of a hobby for me than anything else. but anyway, i just recently picked up a Motobecane Super Mirage off of ebay, and i LOVE it... so far, i've been able to do all of the wrenching on my bike, without too much difficulty. i just like getting out to ride... anyway, you all have a nice day, and if there are any roadies from oceanside/camp pendleton area who would like a riding buddy, feel free to respond, or shoot me a PM. like i said, i'm new into the roadie scene, but so far, i am enjoying it thuroughly