Concerning MNTB I am simply a weekend-warrior, it's all I have time for. However, I am not afaid of getting hurt or taking risks. I've driven myself to the emergency more than once, but not before finishing my ride. Knock myself out last season. Well let's just say the Earth came up and slapped me.
I joined the community because, during a Google search, found a posting asking if anyone rides an Action Bent recumbent. Well I ride Action Bent Jet Steam II and love it. I do nothtink I'll ever take an up right bike on the raod again. As far as the quality goes for Action Bent, it is there. One purchasing a bike from them should be happy. Think I will be looking into better grip shifters though for next season. The ones that came with the bike are a bit stiff slowing down my speed.
The other bike I ride is Suzuki Bandit 600s. I know it's not the cirrect bike to be posting here, but just did not want to leave it out. Well I see no spell check so I guess I'll just post this draft.