Hello from Pensacola! The name here is Mark, and my favorite ride is a Vision R-40 recumbent. In 1982 I met Jesus, and I started bicycling. and both are still with me -in their respective order. I really like touring and bike camping, but I haven't been able to do either for a few years. Most of my riding now is to and from work (6+ miles each way) and 25-40 mile rides. I prefer touring rides with 50-70 mile days, and look forward to doing another century... my last one was probably 1994. My wife also has a 'bent, but hasn't ridden much.
I've been an electronics tech for almost 20 years, and I'm currently going back to school for my BSEE. Needless to say, there goes my riding time!
So if you live nearby and love to bike camp; or if your bike compny wants to hire an ET /BSEE student for way too much money, give me a shout!