I am a doctor in northern Michigan. I came to the office this morning and there was a large man sitting on my front steps leaking blood from a towel wrapped around his left fore-arm. I escorted him into the examining room and found a 14" spike of hardwood that had gone completely thru his fore-arm. As I started to prepare a pain reduction injection, he said, " please Doctor, just pull it out and sew me up" as he had to get back to work. I asked about his pain level and he said " It hurt but not near as bad as some earlier injuries. When I finished with the sutures, I asked what had happened that hurt more? He said, " As a lumberjack, he had to defecate in the woods and once had crapped on a hidden steel trap which then seized his testicles. I said was that the worst pain he had ever endured? He said "NO, it hurt a lot more when he hit the end of the chain!