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Baris Altan replied to the thread Pacific IF Move, experiences?.
" Hi,
I am also planing to buy a IF Move and have the similar concerns as @plsdont .
I think I have watched all the videos and read all the reviews and think that this bike would be very useful for me in... "

02-09-16, 01:53 AM

Soil_Sampler replied to the thread Bike Porn V2.0.
" "

02-09-16, 01:53 AM

italianbiker created the thread Mafac Hoods: 1/2 hoods and full body hoods question.
" I'm looking to buy a new set of hoods, currently I have the half hoods but was wondering if the 1/2 hood and full body hoods are interchangeable. I actually like the look of the Full body gum hood from Mafac.

I've looked a Velo-Orange and the reviews on the Reciclone, these seem pretty nice.
... "

02-09-16, 01:49 AM

jsigone replied to the thread Felt Z5 for clydes?.
" get it now and enjoy it!!! spring is right around the corner. Address the stock wheels when the problem comes up and you can ride it at current weight. If you start popping spokes left and right, its cheaper to get the Vuelta wheels. Spokes + truing will be about $30 a trip from the LBS. Also... "

02-09-16, 01:48 AM

chaadster replied to the thread Modern Steel Road Bike Appreciation Thread.
Quote Originally Posted by rpenmanparker View Post
And more flexible regarding design. You don't need custom lugs specific to every custom frame design.
Exactly. Lugs were never standard in MTB frames because those guys were innovative and progressive, and needed the flexibility afforded by TIG to take... "

02-09-16, 01:47 AM

mgjuric88 created the thread Hello.
" Hello from Winnipeg Canada. Been reading from this forum for a while now and figured I might as well join and see if there's anything to contribute. I've been riding my entire life and got into BMX and mountain biking as a youth but I've been riding cheap road bikes and fixed gears for just over a... "

02-09-16, 01:47 AM

Co1Ev replied to the thread Quick questions and answers.
" [QUOTE=eBombzor;18522346]I need the bike to give me the most complete package because I don't know how to upgrade parts nor do I want to.

Also is $75 good for someone to build my bike (if I get a bike from BD)? Or is it simple enough to do it by myself? [B]Like are there any steps that... "

02-09-16, 01:35 AM

scott967 replied to the thread Official UK online retailer thread.
" Bought a crankset from Merlin a couple weeks ago. If it goes Royal Mail it seems to be sig required. Normally there is someone home so it is NBD.

scott s.
. "

02-09-16, 01:33 AM

Namida12 replied to the thread Garmin Edge 25 help?.
" I used my Garmin Edge 200, and 705 with my google chrome book. The 22 hour battery life of the "Lezyne Super GPS" also works with the chromebook. Maybe a plug powered USB port to iPad would let you save the files to iPad and upload them to the "Ride with GPS" web site... "

02-09-16, 01:29 AM

TMonk replied to the thread Today I (v2):.
" that's because they're awful. I have one penciled in for W, but I may do something else instead as I know what the number will be. Its around 4.15w/kg, which is par for the course for me.

I'm gonna put a big push in over the end of Feb into mid March, hopefully I'll hit 4.25. But hey I'm... "

02-09-16, 01:28 AM

elcruxio replied to the thread trek 920.
" [QUOTE=Squeezebox;18522488]I did look at the ogre, I'll look at it again at your request. A swap on bars isn't that much more $$. But again I don't have a problem with an Al frame or 28* wheels. If the rear wheel goes bad easy enough to build a 32*. I'm not sure the ogre with drops and brifters... "

02-09-16, 01:22 AM

oaxaca replied to the thread Tires with grit ????.
Quote Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post

So, PSI is really rated to the contact patch.
And ya. exactly. Has nothing to do with the thickness of the rubber either. Thickness is pretty much just for durability... and sometimes for handling. Heavier tires help keep you upright, as long as... "

02-09-16, 01:22 AM

TrojanHorse replied to the thread Camp Pendleton new baseaccess for cyclist will start soon, please read.
Quote Originally Posted by Tycho Brahe View Post
Yes, I understand that an ID is needed to access the base, I was speaking about "normal" rides that do not involve the base.

One day I will do that ride.
I typically carry an expired license in the ziploc with my phone (and a roadID) For rides going... "

02-09-16, 01:19 AM

dragoonO1 replied to the thread Type of helmet you wear when commuting?.
" I wear a Giro MTB helmet with visor. I added reflectors, a flashlight, HD camera, and a Take-A-Look mirror, so "Other."

Attachment 503576 "

02-09-16, 01:19 AM

bbandu replied to the thread 2016 Clydesdale/Athena Biggest Loser Thread - Week 6.
" 2/7 - 271

mtd: 95.5
Ytd: 418.2 "

02-09-16, 01:18 AM

B. Carfree replied to the thread Looking for a used Calfee.
Quote Originally Posted by jnbrown View Post
Wow, if it fits that could be an unbelievable deal, even the $12K buy it now isn't that unreasonable, but I would offer him something like $10K.
Hard to believe somebody would buy a bike like this, not ride it and sell it.
I can see that happening. If only... "

02-09-16, 01:15 AM

MakiNn replied to the thread Found another way to annoy my LBS.
Quote Originally Posted by vanguardx3 View Post
That's only true for a bare fork.

Then again, it really shouldn't take that much longer to remove the fork, cut it down and reinstall it.

A lot of bike shops just have an aversion to making money. Their egos are more important than staying in business.
... "

02-09-16, 01:14 AM

oaxaca replied to the thread Tires with grit ????.
Quote Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post

Most of the micro-mopeds are rated for 20 MPH.
Moped Tires | Shinko Tire USA

The tires are a lot faster than the mopeds... hahhhhh

they come in 75 mph or 94 mph rating. I'd s**t my pants... "

02-09-16, 01:11 AM

burnfingers created the thread Adjusting Centerpulls... is it possible?.
" Alright, so the weather is picking up and I've dusted off / tuned up my Mercier, but after riding my winter bike for the past few months I can't help but be annoyed by the squishy squeaky brakes on my summer bike. The calipers are Mafac Racers with kool-stop salmon pads (~6 months old) grabbing... "

02-09-16, 01:09 AM

B. Carfree replied to the thread New commute.
" [QUOTE=Roody;18519968]I checked with a couple nurses I'm working with, and they agreed that it's pretty much impossible for a normal healthy person to experience low blood sugar. The body goes to great lengths to ensure that blood glucose levels will stay normal, even under starvation conditions.... "

02-09-16, 01:07 AM