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OldsCOOL replied to the thread Raleigh Super Course. What would you do with this bike.
" Sell the trainer. Restore the bikes. :)

Can you post some pics of the Super Course? "

08-30-15, 07:22 AM

gomango replied to the thread Taking opinions on what you think are some of the most "modern" "C&V" frames..
Quote Originally Posted by Chrome Molly View Post
I could see getting what you want for around $2K with a little shopping.
Della Santa comes to mind in that price range.

Maybe a little less.

He'd likely whip up a heck of a frameset out of Spirit.

I'd also check into a new Cannondale CAAD 10. Rode... "

08-30-15, 07:21 AM

cb400bill replied to the thread Hello from Georgia.
" Welcome! Have fun picking out that new bike. "

08-30-15, 07:20 AM

hubcyclist replied to the thread reviews about a spin bike 2015.
" This seems to be an SEO tactic and not a legit topic "

08-30-15, 07:19 AM

BlazingPedals replied to the thread chain ring cover.
" For shoelaces, it's just a matter of tying them correctly to stay out of the chainring. Here's what I do:

Tie a bow normally.
Gather up both loops and the tag end that's closest to the chain into a bundle, and pull them to the outside of your foot (away from the chainring.)
Take the remaining... "

08-30-15, 07:19 AM

Classtime replied to the thread Favorite Protein Bar or Snack to take on a ride?.
" 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich = one store-bought bar. Lemonade in your bottle and your good for 2 hours of hard riding. "

08-30-15, 07:18 AM

Mumonkan replied to the thread Best way to time intervals on a bike?.
" "

08-30-15, 07:17 AM

MidLife50 replied to the thread August 2015 100+ Mile Goal Plus Reach Thread.
" I'm in with a 300 mile goal.
... "

08-30-15, 07:16 AM

Chrome Molly replied to the thread bike coop name competition..
Quote Originally Posted by jetboy View Post
the Coop is part of the Performing Arts and Social Justice program (at least, they are letting us use their shop and putting some $$ in to get it started) so the name should reflect that...
Bike Lives Matter

No offense, just thought it a nice play on... "

08-30-15, 07:15 AM

kunsunoke replied to the thread Chicago Schwinn To Commuter/City. Spec Help.
" The 26" wheels you're considering would be 559mm diameter - meaning that the brake reach would be an issue. You could compensate for that by building up some drop bolts, assuming you have access to decent tools (drill, drill-press, a good bench vise) and can fabricate. Conversion to 650B is... "

08-30-15, 07:15 AM

Aladin replied to the thread Understanding spoke tensions..
" Nice post clearly laying out your issues.

Your tension readings are IMO too high... overall average is over what is needed. Your highest tensions stress the spoke/wheel to it's limits... your '28' is what I term the 'Sargent spoke'-- the guy doing the most work/stress. That elbow/spoke is most... "

08-30-15, 07:15 AM

valygrl replied to the thread So are the days of our lives....
" yeah, i was thinking, the point is to cause adaptation in your body, not your PMC chart, but whatever. "

08-30-15, 07:15 AM

Andrew R Stewart replied to the thread Centering Single Pivot Sidepull Brake Calipers.
" My big complaint with centering cheap single pivot side pulls is the slop between the spring and the slot it sits in. The centerbolt has a part along it's length which doubles as the spring holder and the pressure point for both frame mounting (on one side) and arm mounting (on the other side).... "

08-30-15, 07:14 AM

Classtime replied to the thread reviews about a spin bike 2015.
" We've got a lemond revmaster. Solid machine. There are many used available. "

08-30-15, 07:14 AM

djkashuba replied to the thread Post a pic of someone riding a bike.
NYC 11-11
by djk762, on Flickr "

08-30-15, 07:14 AM

randyjawa replied to the thread Why does everybody hate carbolite 103?.
For many of us, for appearance alone, nothing beats a stylish set of lugs.
+1! I love the looks of chrome, on an old bicycle. Sure the appearance does nothing for ride quality, or dependability or anything that could be considered functional.

These days, I have my grail... "

08-30-15, 07:13 AM

StephenH replied to the thread What's your favorite way to clean a chain?.
" You can get terrycloth washcloths at Walmart at 18 for $4 or so, which makes them basically disposable. So I rotate the chain while putting lube on it, rotate it around a few times, then take the washcloth and wipe about 8" at a time until the black gunk is off. "

08-30-15, 07:13 AM

svtmike replied to the thread Hanger Help!.
" Is there a reason you didn't way what model of Ribble bike it's from? "

08-30-15, 07:12 AM

BobbyG replied to the thread Looking for bike rear refelctor, not seat post mounted....
" On my road bike I mounted my rear light/rlector on the left seat-stay (the tube running from the seat tube down to the rear hub. (See my avatar) "

08-30-15, 07:11 AM

easyupbug replied to the thread What's your favorite way to clean a chain?.
Quote Originally Posted by Steve Whitlatch View Post
That is my strategy too. :thumb:
Same here, but when I ride through a lot of sand/silt I will run the chain through a brush before wiping with rag. "

08-30-15, 07:11 AM