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anotherbrian replied to the thread Moving from SMP Lite 209 to Drakon.
Quote Originally Posted by wpwoodjr View Post
I get that feeling of being planted on the Drakon too.

How do you like your Diverge compared to the Tarmac? I haven't ridden my Roubaix since getting the Diverge Pro :-)
So far so good. I was interested in the Diverge before they got to the stores, however I... "

04-30-16, 12:08 AM

Dean V replied to the thread Tandem Luddite.
" Also with a 50 on the front and 11-36 cassette you can basically ride it on the big chainring most of the time and only use the 34 for climbing proper hills. Then you won't be needing to use the small-small cross chain combinations.
It is worth persevering with the Di2. Sure you can trim you 8sp... "

04-30-16, 12:08 AM

eschlwc replied to the thread PX10 Saddle..
" after going through a bunch of brooks b17s on bikes, the gyes gs-17 (from ebay) is my new go-to. "

04-30-16, 12:07 AM

rms13 replied to the thread Brooke's B17.
Quote Originally Posted by f4rrest View Post
They're kinda heavy and don't match the style of most carbon / aluminum road bikes -- like wearing dress shoes with athletic shorts.

That said, I've used something similar (Selle Anatomica) on my Supersix Evo for a year.

Heavy and look better on a steel... "

04-30-16, 12:07 AM

sammyman created the thread Specialized Road Bike Value?.
" Not sure how much this bike is worth. It has Specialized Shimano RSX components. It has Campagnolo Atlanta 1996 wheels. Aluminum frame. What's it worth?
... "

04-30-16, 12:06 AM

canklecat replied to the thread Just woke up, tell me what this is....
" The 58 year old me is muttering "Darned kids".

The darned kid in me is jealous. "

04-30-16, 12:03 AM

dim replied to the thread New Bike Lock...Your Thoughts/Opinions.
" [QUOTE=General Geoff;18729091]Pewag #3012 (12mm thickness) traction chain is made in Austria, not USA.

Also, get at least 4 feet of chain. 2 feet isn't long enough to loop around anything substantial.

I got mine... "

04-30-16, 12:02 AM

eschlwc replied to the thread In Italy, even the beaters are cool....
Quote Originally Posted by smontanaro View Post
... that's the fundamental difference between societies which use(d) bikes as transportation, and those which only considered them to be toys.

but, fundamental difference? there are certainly many.

one thing i like about italians is they always... "

04-30-16, 12:02 AM

jyl replied to the thread Scissor Jack for seized stem?.
" Why wouldn't you cut the stem out, instead of risking damage to your head tube, steerer tube, fork crown, headset? "

04-29-16, 11:59 PM

Jofu replied to the thread Specialized Diverge owners.
" [QUOTE=Marvil15;18720847]I agree, I think it's a great frame with low end components. I was also pleasantly surprised with the new Tiagra, my other bikes have SRAM Red and one with older Dura Ace 7800 - the shifting on the new Tiagra is very smooth. Rear shifting is exceptional maybe a touch... "

04-29-16, 11:56 PM

DrIsotope replied to the thread Help with cable/housing problem...Jagwire will not thread through bar..
" Just don't use that piece. It's not required. Just route the std. housing all the way to the STIs. "

04-29-16, 11:55 PM

Jofu replied to the thread Specialized Diverge owners.
" You had the axis 3.0, correct? I have the axis 4.0, wonder how much weigh difference there is between the 3.0 and 4.0...

Geoff "

04-29-16, 11:55 PM

Ratzinger replied to the thread Why are there so many cyclists with potbellies?.
" Sure, stress hormone has been mentioned. "

04-29-16, 11:54 PM

dim replied to the thread PX10 Saddle..
" if you want new.... Gilles Berthoud:


04-29-16, 11:52 PM

Darth Lefty replied to the thread eBay / CraigsList finds - "Are you looking for one of these!?" Part II.
" The only thing that struck my fancy today... the premium version of the UO-8 frame, from what I gather reading old posts by T-Mar and others, with alloy cotterless triple, leather seat, downtube shifters, and aluminum rims. In other words it already has all the upgrades people suggest for bikes... "

04-29-16, 11:50 PM

Dave Cutter replied to the thread What's a good average speed while being chased by a bear/other animal?.
" I was nearly chased by two [twin-looking] dachshunds just last week. They ran through their yard towards me yapping their little heads off. Fortunately their owner was there and yelled at them... stopping them from running into the street. Like their owner... I was afraid... that the like dogs... "

04-29-16, 11:47 PM

DropBarFan replied to the thread loaded or light.
" Stealth fans (ie sleeping behind trees) rarely seem to mention the shower issue. But camping can sometimes be easier than motels esp at official campgrounds. At motels I stay up later watching dumb TV but while camping it's easier to get to sleep & wake up early. "

04-29-16, 11:46 PM

Darth Lefty replied to the thread eBay / CraigsList finds - "Are you looking for one of these!?" Part II.
Quote Originally Posted by poke em View Post
Black Lightning in Post Falls Idaho
Ooooh "

04-29-16, 11:45 PM

bobstad replied to the thread Helmets, their own forum? Etcetera....
Quote Originally Posted by Jseis View Post
. Or buy a new one at Costco. When in Rome.....
That's funny; I've never gotten into Costco. Sort of the Walmart's of another class in society?

A person seems to have to make such huge purchases at Costco; and the membership demand, seems to mean you have to... "

04-29-16, 11:45 PM

molten replied to the thread Advocacy Thread... What Have YOU Done Today???.
" [QUOTE=K'Tesh;9874750]So, here's the idea: You ride a bike, you see something that needs attention (ie: tree branches too low, storm drain grates that could eat your tire, glass in the path, etc. etc. etc.). Then you take some pictures, then take steps to fix it. (ie: pull out a broom or pruning... "

04-29-16, 11:37 PM