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Silvercivic27 replied to the thread what tire should I use as an 'upgrade' to the Conti 4000?.
" Exactly Chaad. They all better be good since they cost as much as car tires! "

05-25-15, 06:48 AM

AlmostTrick replied to the thread Helmets.
Quote Originally Posted by ddeand View Post
The "cause of accident" discussion is basically irrelevant.

The most you can do is protect yourself, to some extent, from the outcomes of the event, and that protection is based on a sliding scale that each individual determines.
Discussing the cause of... "

05-25-15, 06:47 AM

T13 replied to the thread Longest ride/commute using a messenger bag?.
" 1997 to 2006, everyday, not sure how many miles.

As long as you wear it up closer to yer shoulders, and not hanging down at yer asscrack, then it's reasonably comfortable.

As far as the "stabilizer strap" goes, i never used one, at all. I'd hardly call it a "must". Maybe you guys are... "

05-25-15, 06:46 AM

Retro Grouch replied to the thread Third broken spoke on the same wheel.
Quote Originally Posted by dieselgoat View Post
like a suggestion as to some good, affordable wheels, that are not too heavy but will be durable.
"Strong, light, cheap. Pick any two." I think it was Gary Bontrager who first said that.

When I was riding road bikes a lot my go to wheels were Mavic Open... "

05-25-15, 06:46 AM

RNAV replied to the thread Bike weight?.
Quote Originally Posted by Sy Reene View Post
My impression is that OP is faced with scenario along lines of comparing (just one example): Trek Emonda ALR5 with Emonda S5.. questioning relative merit of going with one vs the other for a heavier rider.
Yeah, that'd be a decision that would have to be made by... "

05-25-15, 06:46 AM

HillRider replied to the thread How essential are spacers and/or a "floor" under your stem?.
" Another way to think of it. If a properly tightened stem were able to slide down, it could also slide up (and off) with far worse consequences. :) "

05-25-15, 06:45 AM

evrythngsgngrn replied to the thread Shoe Recommendation?.
" This is my exact issue. I was about to order size 48 Specialized Pro XC shoes as I'm happy with my Specialized road shoes. Stores don't have stock in 48 and can't order them as Specialized is out (they have Comps you can order, but I want toe studs). I looked at the 'shoefitr' on the Arts... "

05-25-15, 06:45 AM

Dahon.Steve replied to the thread What do you think about trains now?.
" I read today that John Nash (Beautiful Mind - Movie) was killed on the NJ Turnpike. I've ridden the NJ Turnpike where he lives and I was never so scared in my life watching all the motorist drive like there's no tomorrow!

What's so sad was he was killed in a cab ride from Newark Airport to... "

05-25-15, 06:45 AM

alcjphil replied to the thread Upgrading bottom bracket.
" While it is pretty common for lower end cranks to loosen on the bottom bracket spindle, it is very rare for a spindle to break. Your cranks are probably more at risk than the bottom bracket. I wouldn't change it unless the bearings develop play. Just make sure that your crank bolts are tightened to... "

05-25-15, 06:44 AM

spdracr39 replied to the thread Picked up a new bike, what accessories should I get?.
" First and foremost a saddle pack with flat repair kit and a class to learn how to use it. Everything else is personal choice. "

05-25-15, 06:43 AM

Lazyass replied to the thread Bike weight?.
Quote Originally Posted by Trsnrtr View Post
75% of the busted bikes that I've owned have been steel. :)
In 28 years and probably 10-12 steel bikes I never broke one. Matter of fact, I've never broken any frame, even a MTB frame and I raced aluminum hardtails for eight years. If you're breaking a lot of... "

05-25-15, 06:43 AM

trailangel replied to the thread 1960's Bianchi 10 speed restored.
" Where is the pic of the drive side? "

05-25-15, 06:43 AM

Panza replied to the thread Your Weekend Ride Reports - May 23/24.
" 5/23 First day back on the bike, celebrating partial recovery from injury and a new helmet with a 45km hill climb of threshold repeats and 2000ft of climbing

5/24 20km crit race in the morning with a few km warm up. Blew all my glycogen and everything I had from prem and finish line sprints.... "

05-25-15, 06:41 AM

md11mx replied to the thread Need advice on repairing a cheap Huffy 18 speed.
Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyB65 View Post
I just stretched the chain out on a board and measured 3ft. I was 1/16 over the 3ft so that would be approximately 0.021 per ft. Is that worn?
Ride it.
David in Alaska "

05-25-15, 06:41 AM

spdracr39 replied to the thread Lic. Plate Obscuration With Rear Carriers ?.
" I have not been given any grief over it. "

05-25-15, 06:41 AM

mrFreel replied to the thread top cap rubber bolt protector.
" I agree that those top caps are gorgeous. A great way to further customize a bike.

mike "

05-25-15, 06:40 AM

Retro Grouch replied to the thread Tire sidewall cracks.
Quote Originally Posted by FastJake View Post
I wouldn't have a problem riding the Michelin tire in your last post. Sure it looks a little worn, but that's what happens with a treaded tire.
Me too. Those cracks wouldn't even blip my radar. "

05-25-15, 06:39 AM

treebound replied to the thread Facilitator in Milwaukee.
" Where approximately is the bike located, and what size frame is it? Madison and Milwaukee are about 80 miles apart so you might want to edit the thread title to garner more support. Also, where are you located? Frame size will help to know what size bike box to get.
Edit: found a thread where it... "

05-25-15, 06:39 AM

md11mx replied to the thread Need advice on repairing a cheap Huffy 18 speed.
" [QUOTE=JohnnyB65;17832799]Thanks I'm going to measure it to see what it is. Oh and I'm up before 5AM every morning so I'll be hitting the road as soon as its light. I can't wait to get this bike together and see how far I can actually go, I'm sure I probably will be going as far the first week or... "

05-25-15, 06:39 AM

HillRiderEast created the thread what bike is this?.
" Attachment 453410

Does anyone know what kind of bike this is? My nephew is looking for a fixed gear and this is available. "

05-25-15, 06:38 AM