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Still Pedaling replied to the thread Brompton and Dahon Jifo clones by Chinese King Bicycle Co..
" Unfortunately, this is a practice that will NEVER go away. "

04-20-14, 05:49 AM

wanders replied to the thread Random Thought Thread, aka The RTT (**possible spoilers**).
Quote Originally Posted by big john View Post

20+ friends came out for my birthday ride to Mount Baldy.
Was the Waterboarding Adventures park already booked?

Happy Birthday John. "

04-20-14, 05:48 AM

wolfchild replied to the thread a bike called shotgun???.
" I know how hard it is to save money for a poor college student...If it's possible try saving 5 dollars everyday and put into a little piggy bank. You'll have 150 dollars in 30 days. And then you can afford a better bike. There are lot's of nice older bikes within 150-200 dollars range. For now just... "

04-20-14, 05:48 AM

mdbrock7 created the thread Advice on these bikes.
" I am new to biking and need a little help finding a good bike at a reasonable price. I am interested in finding a bike for casual riding a maybe one or two sprint triathlons a year. I went to a local bike shop and was advised to get a 52-54cm. Are these a decent value? Thanks for your help.
... "

04-20-14, 05:46 AM

top506 replied to the thread Calling the usual suspects, the annual Spring Cape Cod Rail Trail Ride.
Quote Originally Posted by rootboy View Post
Dang it was nice. I spent the whole day building raised beds for the garden. More today. That doesn't help me legs!
Fear not. Yesterday was my first ride over pavement since November and my back is a little crunchy this morning.
I suspect that Jim is going to... "

04-20-14, 05:44 AM

cplager replied to the thread Pros/Cons of clip-on shoes/pedals.
Quote Originally Posted by Bent Bill View Post
Used properly or not there more dangerous than platform pedals
Its been stated here and all over numerous times
how some one fell because they didn't unclip soon enough or at all
that doe's not happen with platform pedal's
Just because you say it hardly... "

04-20-14, 05:42 AM

The Golden Boy replied to the thread Group Buy For Skip "Vintage Trek" Echert.
" [QUOTE=SkipE;16686424]Hello Dave V. (The Golden Boy), JimboMartin and All of You Other Supporters -

The Trek 720 frameset arrived today.

WOW - IT IS MAGNIFICANT; better than the pictures portrayed! Even inside the bottom bracket shell there is no rust. The headbadge is... "

04-20-14, 05:41 AM

osco53 replied to the thread Do I need new tires?.
" 27-30 psi on my 29er hart tail.

That tire looks great for certain trail conditions, it would do fine where I ride.

I get new tires when I start slipping or notice less traction.
Seems I get a set once every season.

Now if the tire is three to five years old the rubber may be dryer and or... "

04-20-14, 05:40 AM

osco53 replied to the thread Daring or Just Plain Crazy?.
" Nope, I value my life to much.
I can have just as much fun on a trail just like that with no neck breaking drop off...

My Moma didn't raise no fool ... "

04-20-14, 05:38 AM

davidmikesell created the thread Route questions about east coast tour/Questions about ACA maps.
" Hi! I'm planning a tour right now from north florida to southeastern maine. I've got from fl to washington planned. From essentially richmond to philadelphia , and then from CT to maine, I want to follow the adventure cycling maps, but I have a few questions/ How detailed are they? On my past short... "

04-20-14, 05:34 AM

ijsbrand replied to the thread Vehicular Cyclist visits the Netherlands.
Quote Originally Posted by FBinNY View Post
... or maybe he started on a road which merged onto this highway.
This is virtually impossible because of the road designs commonly used. Highways are separated from anything else. So, he must have had to pas a traffic sign as well explicitly forbidding cycles to go... "

04-20-14, 05:31 AM

bruce19 replied to the thread Cyclist w/ earphones dead in New Mexico.
" This happens from time to time. Why people ride with earbuds is beyond me. It really is an unsafe and just generally dumb thing to do. "

04-20-14, 05:30 AM

osco53 created the thread It's not the bike It's the engines...
" So your on your first bent and you feel slower. You have saddle time now and you got your 'Bent' legs but still you feel slow.

Now you think, 'I need a lighter bent', 'I need better faster tires, etc.
Shure lighter and lower is faster but what you really need is better engines and lungs.

I... "

04-20-14, 05:30 AM

Murakami replied to the thread Track Racing Frames and Complete Bikes.
" ADR have a new frame, the Nero:

... "

04-20-14, 05:25 AM

ijsbrand replied to the thread Amstel Gold.
Quote Originally Posted by MinnMan View Post
Nibali, Valverde, or Rodriguez - the usual suspects. I'll bet on Valverde, don't ask me why.
Rodriquez is already out of the race, after a fall. "

04-20-14, 05:23 AM

texbiker replied to the thread I have Already Looked At Kaiser Permanente: Where To Find Prescription Goggles?.
" Look at WalMart. They sell sport glasses. "

04-20-14, 05:21 AM

Dheorl created the thread Noise coming from rear hub/derailleur.
" I gave my bike a really good clean for the first time in ages at the start of the week, and decided to take my chain and rear derailleur off so I could get in all the nooks and crannys and soak my chain in some degreaser.

Now that I've put it all back together I'm getting a soft clicking noise... "

04-20-14, 05:19 AM

europa replied to the thread Newbie asking for advice.
" I'm not sure I'd like to comment on the parts, I'll leave that to others.

One thing I will suggest though, is to go to your local velodrome. There are always track bikes being sold and you'd not only be able to choose the bike in person, get one that fits, but would also find out where the local... "

04-20-14, 05:17 AM

surgeonstone replied to the thread Addiction XXX4.
" [QUOTE=3alarmer;16686214].. @patentcad is now a famous and highly paid professional musician, playing the New York/ Jersey lounge and Bar Mitzvah circuit.
While much too busy to spend much time posting on teh Biekforums, he still stops in... "

04-20-14, 05:17 AM