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RobbieTunes replied to the thread Different compact cranks.
" I have an Exage square taper compact, circa '87, so they've been around.
It's just taking up space here, but for a while I figured I'd need it.

That Holdsworth is nice, and there are some modern Sugino's that look pretty spiffy.

I've never really thought much about front-shifting... "

07-05-15, 03:57 PM

RobbieTunes replied to the thread The frustrations of trying to find a (cheap) used road bike in Portland, Or...
Quote Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver View Post
Portland is a tough place to get a deal on anything... and a Reynolds or Columbus framed bike is gonna cost a premium.
$100 target? Estate sales and yard sales, and a ton of patience.
You are not after a bargain, you are after something that comes along... "

07-05-15, 03:51 PM

RobbieTunes replied to the thread Didn't think of that?.
Quote Originally Posted by iab View Post
I've gone all Grant Peterson..

07-05-15, 03:47 PM

RobbieTunes created the thread In "Bicycling" magazine this month.....
" There was a section on things to have....

One was a classic steel frame, he'd found a Faggin for $140 and built it up.
Another was an Elite Ciussi Inox bottle cage.
Another was a Veloflex tubular.

Wonder where he's been?

I'd have scanned and posted that page, but I already read the... "

07-03-15, 11:35 AM

RobbieTunes created the thread List your SLX bikes in order of preference.....
" I know, an odd thread, but I'm not trying to be an elitist.
I've just had a few, and liked them all; figure geometry was perhaps the difference.
It wasn't until I thought about it that I realized how many of them I've come across.

Tier 1:
1-De Rosa SLX Professional. Man!
2-Eddy Merckx... "

06-30-15, 04:27 PM