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jimmuller replied to the thread For those who cannot get to the Eroica California.
" PG (et al.), I'm really wishing I could get down for it, but we are playing a church service on Sunday morning. I have to be awake and in good shape fairly early after driving home on Saturday night. It ain't gonna' work. Bummer. "

01-26-15, 05:56 AM

jimmuller replied to the thread A new project! Something different....
Quote Originally Posted by pastorbobnlnh View Post
Dang Jim, you do know how to throw down the hammer with interesting rides. I'm beinning to think we need to start a New England C&V ride from your house, just so we can go all goggly eyes over each bike! :p
Thanks, Bob. Sharon says yes! to the ride idea. I... "

01-25-15, 11:07 PM

jimmuller replied to the thread what do old people ride, lets see your bike[s].
Quote Originally Posted by rjhammett View Post
The current stable. They all get ridden an equal amount.
Nice! "

01-25-15, 10:53 PM

jimmuller replied to the thread VO Grand Cru Headset.
" LostA, Thanks for the info. Actually, I PM'ed Flog right after I posted that first reply. Then I went to the VO website and also measured my steerer tube diameter. So I'm going to take it. I need something for the Gazelle. The last headset I bought was French. Before that, a Tange Levin for... "

01-25-15, 10:50 PM

jimmuller replied to the thread VO Grand Cru Headset.
" Resolve my ignorance please. 1" is "standard" C&V? I haven't though much about headset dimensions for a few years. 1" is the steerer tube diameter, right? Crown race would be??

And what is that split washer?

I would be interested if I knew this was the right one. "

01-25-15, 07:35 PM

jimmuller replied to the thread What are you doing today(C&V bicycle related).
" After a morning of running errands and spending time at the gym, I spent the whole afternoon wrenching on bikes, mostly building a Terry for my sweetie. It is done enough to put it on a trainer, and with brake cables it would be rideable. But the final build is waiting on a few parts from a... "

01-25-15, 07:25 PM

jimmuller created the thread A new project! Something different....
" I posted somewhere recently that whenever I purposely started a new project I wanted it to be very different from anything in my collection. When I spotted this I was intrigued. The postman delivered this a little while ago. The United Nations satellite office in the basement will now need... "

01-24-15, 12:13 PM