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jimmuller created the thread Tell me about Cinelli bars and stems.
" I had a nice Cinelli reference URL but it is no longer functional. Please tell me about the shapes of the various bar model (Giro d'Italia, Campione del Mondo, model 63, 64, 66, whatever), and if it's not too much trouble when the various engravings changed. And the stem models?

Yes, I know... "

11-23-15, 08:59 AM

jimmuller created the thread As Grandis it can be.
" Remember that "What's your grail bike?" thread? A few months ago I posted that I didn't really have one but if I did it would probably be some high-end bike made in Italy. I didn't expect this but sometimes the ground opens up to reveal an unexpected gem. I saw one of these at FTW's shop a few... "

11-17-15, 07:37 PM