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jimmuller replied to the thread what came in the post for you today?.
" A set of Tektro calipers. Haven't even opened the package I know what's in it. Haven't had the time. "

03-04-15, 10:51 PM

jimmuller replied to the thread Show us your bar-end plugs!.
Quote Originally Posted by ppg677 View Post
When wrapping, how many of you plug some bar tape into the bar?
I do. But I'm only one of me. How could the anwser be any different? "

03-04-15, 06:41 PM

jimmuller created the thread 'splain Tektro's nomenclature please.
" I have Tektros on a bike, perhaps two, I don't recall. They work well enough that I'd consider finding more. When I look at their models I see an array of alphanumeric names that rivals Toyota and Shimano for sheer obtuseness. Is there a pattern to their naming, to their shapes, etc? "

03-01-15, 07:37 AM

jimmuller created the thread ISO dual pivot brakes w/nutted mount.
" Seeking reasonably priced Tektro or similar nutted mount calipers, moderate reach.
They are out there but not too common. Of course I can always buy new ones from my LBS. "

03-01-15, 07:34 AM