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Bat56 replied to the thread 27" Wheels on a Steel Frame to a Rad Fixed Gear?.
" Where the hell did you find a girlfriend who suggests converting to a front disk brake to mitigate the brake problem. That's totally what I would do if you need a new wheel.

either way, marry her. "

04-20-14, 08:44 PM

Bat56 replied to the thread Cut my cog off with a dremel.
Quote Originally Posted by Leukybear View Post
Hmm you could've utilized those holes on it....
That would have required thinking ahead. Ain't no one got time for that.

Quote Originally Posted by europa View Post
Going to use that cog on another build?
already done, I put it on my ex-wife's bike. "

04-20-14, 08:38 PM

Bat56 created the thread Cut my cog off with a dremel.
" I was going to post this to the thread I started about a month back, but I cannot find that thread. I am not a search idiot - the thread has vanished. I mentioned banging on the cog with a hammer; someone probably remembers it.

Anyway, I soaked the thing in pblaster and no dice. So I cut it off... "

04-19-14, 02:15 PM