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fietsbob replied to the thread Wheel replacment recommendation.
" Colorado base for US Distributor , not actual factory is most likely ..

for Shipping costs its good to be in the middle of the country.. "

09-01-15, 10:58 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Thumbies on a drop bar a practical idea?.
" Because I don't care if the OP is Cheap. its not my problem.

I got a $12 set of cheap friction thumb shifters .. at My Local Bike Shop put them on my straight (22.2) bars

I use bar end shifters on drop bars .. to each their own.. "

09-01-15, 10:43 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Tips on putting a rear rack or front basket on my newly acquired beater?.
" Among the Many Tour bikes arriving on the coast , quite a few have Rear racks and disc Brakes ..

I take them apart to fit in existing Bike boxes.. UPS carries them Back.

I note having one a couple weeks ago, using a Longer bolt and spacer that continued on to hold the Disc Brake... "

09-01-15, 10:35 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread 2nd water bottle cages to avoid nulling a warranty (i.e. no frame hole drills).
" One option is a side release bottle cage .. You would be advised to stop when you switch your empty convenient bottle
and your Full inconvenient placed bottle .

There is also an under the downtube bottle placement you can utilize. Touring bikes have that. "

09-01-15, 10:24 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Need advice on a starting point..
" Reading a Lot of Books on Bike Mechanics is a good start , Try the Public Library .. "

09-01-15, 10:19 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Best Touring Bikes for Women.
" A 5'9" guy I really like my Bike Friday .. but peer pressure seems to help sell bigger wheel bikes ..

Thats OK I have a gig at the LBS boxing them up and shipping them back east via UPS to the places they started their tours from.

big boxes that many US air carriers charge a... "

09-01-15, 10:14 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Questions about riding w/ Child Seat.
" FWIW German Tout Terrain has a Long travel suspension single wheel trailer that is single track capable ..

Singletrailer Peter White cycle is the US distributor for TT stuff. "

09-01-15, 09:15 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Best bullhorn handlebars?.
For a very cheap option... just throw some bar ends horizontally on the flat bar and wrap with bar tape. ;)
less cheap but very nice Ergon GR5 grip/combo bar ends. "

09-01-15, 09:07 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Need a 50mm chainline FD that can shift 26-36-48 with STI shifters.
" tried getting the help of your local Bike shop ? they have an incentive to get it to sell to you.

chain line is relative to the rear cluster .. center .. If OCD the 5 mm will matter. or not. "

09-01-15, 09:02 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Brompton Building, Questions regarding gear ratios etc.
" the 3 speed takes a 13, 14, or 15t cog .. , the 6 speed has 2 cogs 12, 13, 15, 16. BSR hub is a .75. 1, 1.33x gear set

BWR in the 6 speed is .64, 1, 1.57x the half step of the 2 cogs fills in the wider difference..

3 chain ring options 44, 50, 54 one of your fellow gotham... "

09-01-15, 08:44 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Best Touring Bikes for Women.
" Bike Friday . the 20" wheel lets the top tube length be as short as needed, to perfect fit..

And... their well designed knock down and fold system, lets you pack it into suitcase size, to make transport to/from trips by Air etc., simpler.

It's keeping the bigger wheels that is ... "

09-01-15, 08:22 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Factory Wheels.
" @ my LBS wheels are checked by hand, as part of bike assembly ...

Those wheel building machines are part of lowering the cost of a new bike to a price you are seeing.

The practices of your local, I have no Idea .. "

09-01-15, 08:06 AM

fietsbob replied to the thread Question: How much weight does adding various parts weigh?.
" If it matters you will own a scale to weigh each thing.. "

09-01-15, 07:56 AM

fietsbob created the thread Hydro braking and shifting.
" No more cable drag Details of Rotor's new Uno hydraulic road groupset |

Gentlemen , start your wallets .. :rolleyes:
... "

08-27-15, 09:56 AM