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fietsbob replied to the thread Shoe covers.
" Neos theyre like the old school galoshes , but you would wear regular shoes ..

sole is durable

if you want to use your fancy bike shoes those^^ or Showers pass may be OK Drop the durable sole spec.

I just wear LL Bean Rubber... "

03-27-15, 05:21 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Serotta F2 fork question.
" I dont see a Problem, It solves the loose compression nut problem in CF steerers with a Permanent cure

What's the deal with this glued in plug? Do I need to demo that sucker out and glue it back in after the chop, or can I discard and use a regular compression plug?
You... "

03-27-15, 05:00 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread DIY (or purchased) Fully Enclosed Chaincase Recommendations.
" Go for DIY ... A Router Bit cutting into Wood can make a 2 piece Mold, So you can fabricate one out of Fiberglas and Epoxy.

BTW as to above I like 3/32" Full bushing Chains , better than the same width in a Derailleur Chain wear longer
and the taller side plates keep it from falling off. "

03-27-15, 04:50 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Which "vintage" touring bike would you look for?.
" I got a Lot of Tours out of my Mid 80s Specialized Expedition. "

03-27-15, 02:52 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread What would you choose: Specialized, Trek, Devinci, Rocky Mountain?.
" No Brainer , only 1 Brand on your short List is sold Here.. But that shop has Trek RedLine and Felt "

03-27-15, 02:49 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Rain-Proof Cables Anyone?.
" A long as the funds are Unlimited the Practical can give way to the Fantastic.

Here & now.. Di2 & Hydraulic brakes . no cables at all "

03-27-15, 02:30 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread What will be America's first carfree city?.
" I'D say one on an island , maybe not an Island Now , but once the sealevel comes up and the inland becomes the sea coast Things will be different

Of course America also includes the whole continent between the Polar Seas. "

03-27-15, 02:28 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread biggest diameter of axle that can fit into any hub. or hub with such capacity?.
" Back when I was in Northern Cal there was a really big hub they carried for the Custom fabricators making Machines to compete

in the Humboldt Kinetic Sculpture Race Kinetic Grand Championship - Humboldt County, California| ... "

03-27-15, 01:59 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Considering a lightweight off-the-shelf SS folder - money is only a moderate object.
" Too bad the Speed Drive Overdrive Planetary cranks are @ Swiss -Euro Prices , they offer Gates toothed cogwheels ,

and make a smaller Gear bigger by 1,6X without Physically being so Large.

and still need no shift cables.. "

03-27-15, 01:24 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread 130 mm hub in 135 mm dropouts.
Where would I find the correct washers? Just the hardware store? Or are there ready made spacers for this kind of thing?
Word: Rear Axle Spacers.... Visit Your Local Bike Shoppe. They can make it all work .

re center the wheel after using 5mm... "

03-27-15, 01:09 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Townie or Specialized.
" SBI Inc. , Specialized Bike Imports is a company name ,, a whole bunch of stuff is in their brand line .

Have you gone to a dealer that carries that Bike Brand and Test Rode Any?

Ditto the "Townie " where ever they import those From.. at that dealership.

Have any specific models... "

03-27-15, 12:52 PM