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fietsbob replied to the thread Favourite tyres for Bromptonesque foldies? Focus: NO PUNCTURES! What price?.
" Above has different needs .. the Ti parts a clue ..

Schwalbe MFG website .. Marathon plus

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07-25-14, 03:09 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Warranty on Shimano parts purchased on Ebay?.
" If that what they said.

your claim is with ebay and the seller and misrepresentation ... lawyer up .. "

07-25-14, 02:51 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Bike dash cam.
" Meh.. "

07-25-14, 02:48 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Recommendation on thick, super soft, and durable grips for a mountain bike.
" I Like Ergon's GR series

but there are silicon rubber grips and gel feature types the gel wears down quick, so you get to replace them for resales to same consumer.. "

07-25-14, 02:46 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread First (2,000 mile) tour completed. Now, how to ship the bike home..
" I'm at the end of the Lewis And Clark and one of the Trans America Trails , one of my gigs is packing up bikes to ship home ..

UPS bills the shop and that cost is charged to the customer's card . business to business rate is lower than a residential address ..

You would be surprised how... "

07-25-14, 02:30 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Poll: How do you stay on-line on tour?.
" I toured when there was just film cameras. "

07-25-14, 02:26 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread seatpost slippage.
" Every thing was right & still slipped, so I added clamp on band directly around the seat post itself .. It sits atop the frame and its band clamp.

on My Brompton It is another QR. that i took the Lip off of so it slides over the 31.8 post... to fold the bike I open both levers.

... "

07-25-14, 02:17 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread What is your favorite bike accessory right now?.
" I have the 27.2 clamp-on version on my Bike Friday seat post .. it cured the down slipping seat post ..

He had a 1.125" one and it works in place of a Locking spacer over my integrated headset on another bike . "

07-25-14, 01:09 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Making bike lock yourself?.
" So You in Mechanical engineering ? where you have the tools to make things .

you may be able to simply take a 10 liter/5 gallon Bucket . and make a piece

to to say have a place to secure a chain onto it and fill the bucket with Concrete .

so It will be too heavy to move easily and... "

07-25-14, 01:02 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread which brand of pepper spray for dogs works best.
" .22 bird-shot was what my dad had for snakes .. in the desert .. "

07-25-14, 12:52 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Big Dummy racks DIY.
" aluminum tube and conduit benders that fit, are a good combination ..

pretty straight forward to make side loaders to change out as the load to be carried changes. ..

that is if your hands on fabricating chops are up to it . "

07-25-14, 12:34 PM

fietsbob replied to the thread Fixed gear bike help!.
" IDK could be .. I'm not there.. this is just text.

just will tell you the Lock ring is left hand threaded . it keeps the cog from unscrewing
when you resist the wheel making your pedals go around, like trying to stop. "

07-25-14, 12:28 PM