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350htrr replied to the thread What's the One Change You Made That Most Improved Your Cycling Experience.
" Mental attitude change... It used to be, I ignored everybody in vehicles unless I perceived that they threatened me by coming too close, or passing me too fast... I always ENDED UP WITH A BAD RIDE on those days, now, I pay attention to every vehicle, and when they pass me at what I think is a safe... "

04-24-15, 07:33 PM

350htrr replied to the thread Is there widespread hatred of cyclists?.
" I suspect anyone going slower than average is included in the "hatred" part of drivers in general... JMO "

04-24-15, 07:16 PM

350htrr replied to the thread Have you ever had your bike stolen?.
" Common sense and a lock go a long ways... At least that is what I attribute it to not ever having my bike stolen... "

04-24-15, 06:16 PM

350htrr replied to the thread Now this could spell the end of the Automobile Age.....
Quote Originally Posted by cooker View Post
The article also repeatedly makes reference to possible prohibitions on people "tuning their cars", "fixing their cars" and having their cars maintained by "independent mechanics". Those all have cost implications.
But it's not normal tuning, normal fixing, normal... "

04-24-15, 06:09 PM

350htrr replied to the thread Interesting velo e-trike.
" I like how they say you can put 10 batteries into it and go from 50 miles per charge to 500 miles per charge... :twitchy: "

04-24-15, 05:37 PM