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350htrr replied to the thread Is it a loophole?.
" I think the loophole is that most people can pedal faster on level ground and certainly go faster down hill, so, all you need to say in court is that you were pedaling... And that is why you could go faster... ;) "

07-28-14, 08:37 PM

350htrr replied to the thread Why do you ride an E-bike?.
" [QUOTE=boobsports;16982763]You're on the money for not having to pay for fuel to go forward, but I can reach 35 kph on a non-assist bike, so really what's the use of burning money on an e-bike? For the price of a Bionx kit you can get a very neat bike...

And a good 2-stroke Euro scooter can... "

07-28-14, 08:30 PM

350htrr replied to the thread How much does it cost you to be carfree or carlight? CARFREE COSTS.
" My son has a Roloff IGH and just loves it, never any problem, changes the oil once a year and beats the crap out of it year round for the last 5 years... Never a problem... :thumb: "

07-28-14, 08:18 PM

350htrr replied to the thread Bion-x hack: removing the limiter.
" I think BionX is missing the boat with this speed limiter thing... Most other companies selling these type of kits now have a choice, road legal, or of off road setting... ;) Boo BionX... :p "

07-28-14, 08:13 PM