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Darth Lefty replied to the thread Shimano Metrea: Can we try this again?.
" I really, really like the styling of the crankset. The colors and shapes are really good. The main feature of interest is the brushed center and the polished guard, which form a starship-and-sun or orbit, like a Star Trek TNG communicator or a stylized Eiffel Tower. The rest of it, the inner part... "

05-28-16, 01:55 PM

Darth Lefty created the thread Monday Craigslist Game, 5/23/16 - Super Duper.
" Good afternoon everyone! Get on your local Craigslist, Pinkbike, Kijiji, etc, and show me your favorite bike that has "Super" in its name. Completely subjective, therefore no points shall be awarded to the winner. "

05-23-16, 03:51 PM