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Darth Lefty replied to the thread 1st MTB for 9-10 yr old daughter, 26" or 27.5"?.
" [QUOTE=mstateglfr;18331505]What is the deal with Cdale using a left single side fork on a kids bike that’s meant to stay on pavement? Funky…in not a great way.

Your post does bring something up that I thought about when originally responding to this thread- why are 26” rigid bikes not offered?... "

11-25-15, 12:29 AM

Darth Lefty replied to the thread Helping your kid ride faster to keep up with you.
" Looking at the bike, the proportions seemed weird at first and then I realized it's an upright hybrid, with a high handlebar, but without the swan frame you might see on an adult version. It has relaxed angles and low gears, and I'm sure it's no lightweight. It's a recreational bike, not an... "

11-25-15, 12:03 AM

Darth Lefty replied to the thread OMG these Smith helmets are like pillows. Like the pillows babies use!.
" Welcome, gapers! "

11-24-15, 08:40 PM

Darth Lefty created the thread OT: non-bike-saddle leather restoration.
" My wife got ballpoint ink on her Coach wallet. She tried to scrub it off with nail polish remover and a Mr. Clean magic eraser pad, which didn't get the ink but knocked off the gloss of the finish. After she threw up her hands, I followed up with isopropyl, which got the ink but left some damage in... "

11-18-15, 04:35 PM

Darth Lefty created the thread Cassettes with lots of holes.
" I won't have any occasion to ride in the snow, but I'm curious for those of you who do, does this sort of thing make a difference to getting ice packed in the cogs?

SRAM XG-1150 shown


11-16-15, 02:57 PM