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Darth Lefty created the thread Black nylon & polyester baggage fading in the sun.
" My Avenir black polyester tail bag has begun its turn to gray-purple. This has happened to my stuff before, specifically to motorcycle jacket and saddlebags.

Is there a way to prevent this or is it just the nature of the beast? It looks shabby. "

10-06-15, 11:36 AM

Darth Lefty created the thread Brake release?.
" I don't know the proper term for the thingy found at the top of this photo. This is from an Atala on the local CL. I just wanted to share/ask about it. I think it's clever.

Attachment 480868 "

10-04-15, 11:54 PM

Darth Lefty created the thread App for cyclists automatically complains about the weather.
" ...but can't do anything about it "

09-30-15, 09:25 AM

Darth Lefty created the thread Help me with some dimensions.
" 33.8 mm is a weird size. It's the outside diameter of the stoker extension on our Burley. Is this some standard? It's not an even inch fraction (1.33) and it's not a pipe size. It's an inside diameter on some bike tubes. It's reasonably close to 1" pipe and to 1-3/8" but not quite either.
... "

09-30-15, 12:18 AM