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Darth Lefty replied to the thread Buying my first real bike - three possibilities. Advice appreciated..
" The 7000 series are predecessors to the 7 series. About par, just older. Earlier than that, when they were steel, they were 700 series. All great for commuting.

I'd avoid anything that's below 8-speed on the rear. 7-speeds are usually freewheels which, at MTB width, lead to bent axles and broken... "

01-30-15, 11:12 AM

Darth Lefty replied to the thread Cross check upgrade question.
" This would be better off in the Mechanics forum, I think.

You want to stick with Shimano road hardware at 10-speed and below. This is what's compatible with your shifters. Tiagra is the highest still available, and par with what you have. The "trekking" rear derailleurs like the one you have are... "

01-30-15, 10:54 AM

Darth Lefty created the thread It's not the year for the color I want.
" Or rather that my wife wants...

We are bike shopping for her. She has an old blue Schwinn MTB, she's not starting from scratch. We started out with a blank slate yesterday at REI. She had seen an Electra Townie on the Internet but the salesman steered her to 700c and a little more upright. She... "

01-24-15, 11:05 AM