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HillRider replied to the thread New wheels out of true.
" Inexpensive machine built wheels are commonly neither very true or properly tensioned. You save money but have to do the final touchup yourself or the shop you bought them from does it for you.

My experience with prebuilt wheels is with two sets from Colorado Cyclist, one pair from Wheelsmith... "

09-05-15, 08:39 AM

HillRider replied to the thread Headset recommendations anyone..
" I'm surprised at your bad experience with FSA headsets. I have an FSA Orbit X on one bike with 35,000 miles and an FSA Orbit XLII on another bike with only 4000 miles but it's my rain bike so suffers abuse on every ride. Both are as smooth as new. These are both cartridge bearing headsets and I... "

09-05-15, 08:28 AM

HillRider replied to the thread work on bike..
" Pick your battles better. No one can make a department store bike work well and you are making a mistake to agree to work on them unless you tell the owner that it will never be perfect. "

09-05-15, 08:17 AM