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HillRider replied to the thread spacers for caliper road brakes?.
" The space's hole has to be 6 mm to go over the mounting bolt and do come in both serrated and smooth form so what you have are normal. Just add enough to have the brake shoes clear the fork blades but be sure there is enough thread engagement between the bolt and nut. If there isn't you may... "

12-01-15, 09:10 PM

HillRider replied to the thread Changing from Bar ends to Brifters.
Quote Originally Posted by gsa103 View Post
Summary: Your existing components are good, all you need to do is buy a set of 10-speed shifters and install them.
Or, if we've convinced you to try the Gevanelle set-up, all you need to buy is the brake lever-bracket assemblies and transfer the shifter mechanisms... "

12-01-15, 08:21 PM

HillRider replied to the thread Rear axle/bearings tightness?.
" I expect the grease in the rear hub and/or freewheel is dried out and causing a lot of drag. If you are familiar with hubs, disassemble it and clean the cones, bearing balls and races thoroughly. Relube everything with light grease, reassemble and adjust the bearing clearance. If you are not... "

12-01-15, 07:52 PM

HillRider replied to the thread 1st timer bike assembly disc brake issue.
" Didn't an owner's manual/instruction sheet come with the brakes? If not, Shimano's web site has technical instructions for all of their components and should provide what you need. "

12-01-15, 06:20 PM