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Artkansas replied to the thread Beautiful Cars.
" The GM Firebird III

Turbine engine, dual bubble tops and butterfly doors, automated guidance and joystick steering. Read about it. "

01-29-15, 10:36 PM

Artkansas replied to the thread Where was the poorhouse?.
" Arkansas had them.

Here's a website on poor houses and poor farms. According to the site, "Poorhouses were tax-supported residential institutions to which people were required to go if they could not support themselves." They were mostly a 19th... "

01-29-15, 10:18 PM

Artkansas created the thread Is your neighorhood making you fat?.
" Better Urban Design Could Add Years to Your Life. Check out the link. No real news for denizens of this forum, but it's nice to see that the word is beginning to spread. "

01-28-15, 05:13 PM