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Artkansas replied to the thread Is there an "easy" way.....
" Have you tried modifying your voicemail greeting to include a mention that she no longer has this number? That might help. "

05-26-15, 09:55 PM

Artkansas replied to the thread When you are just too lazy to walk....
Quote Originally Posted by gpburdell View Post
So passe.

That was my thought exactly, Thor from the comic B.C. "

05-26-15, 09:47 PM

Artkansas replied to the thread Beer Bikes.
Quote Originally Posted by Roody View Post
This thing weighs more than a ton. Wow!
fify "

05-26-15, 09:39 PM

Artkansas replied to the thread How does your state rank for transit?.
" The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, sometimes called the Department of Cars and Trucks, lobbies quite successfully to keep themselves well funded. No where near Alaska standards, but at least we beat Texas. "

05-26-15, 09:26 PM