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Artkansas replied to the thread Design Me A Foo Wheelchair.
" Maybe rig up a couple of these babies to a lawn chair. They're supposed to be invented next year.
... "

08-20-14, 03:07 AM

Artkansas replied to the thread Beautiful Cars.
Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Wills View Post
Be still my beating heart...
It is sweet. Very rare. "

08-20-14, 03:01 AM

Artkansas replied to the thread Starting over.
" It's been a while since I fractured my ankle. My bicycle commute then was short and flat so I managed it even with a cast. But running, after the cast came off, I had to start all over again, and it took a while for my foot to loosen up enough to even do it. So I understand your frustration. :mad:... "

08-20-14, 02:43 AM