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Carbonfiberboy replied to the thread Healthy Well-Balanced Diets.
" [QUOTE=Sixty Fiver;17828924]A good number of TED talks should come with a warning...

So the advice to practice a healthy diet that is free of additives and added amounts of sugar could alleviate the symptoms of a disease is quackery ?

If the body is deficient one cannot expect it to put up a... "

05-22-15, 06:35 PM

Carbonfiberboy replied to the thread Longevity and compression of morbidity.
" [QUOTE=Rick@OCRR;17828881][/B]I'd never even heard of "morbidity" before but already I don't like the sound of it! I'd like to skip completely if I have any say in the matter. I'd prefer to go from perfectly healthy to dead as the proverbial door nail in a small fraction of a second.

Now I... "

05-22-15, 03:44 PM

Carbonfiberboy created the thread Longevity and compression of morbidity.
" There's a new phrase going around the medical community: compression of morbidity. Morbidity means basically diseased. The compression part means that as we age, the time spend in a morbid condition before dying is actually getting shorter. I think those of us here who ride a lot and eat a good... "

05-21-15, 10:26 PM