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JoeyBike replied to the thread "Turn your ????? light off!".
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I'm running a Serfas 250 light on the front. It has multiple settings, but the flash option is set at 250. It is too bright to be anything other than annoying.
I flash by day and go steady by night GENERALLY. If I am cutting through Friday night high school... "

09-21-14, 09:25 PM

JoeyBike replied to the thread My daily commute: why I run red lights vs. impede traffic and take the lane..
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Which law is it that you don't follow because it increases your risk of getting injured?
I use traffic signals, and my ability to ride relatively fast, to cycle in empty traffic gaps that are generally CREATED by red lights. Just saying I run red lights is not the... "

09-21-14, 09:10 PM