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Thread: Park and Ride

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    Park and Ride

    One way to live a little more car-light might be to take advantage of your local Park-and-Ride.

    Since we're scattered around the world, tell us about your local Park-and-Ride system ... or perhaps systems in towns you've visited.

    According to this site, Tasmania offers two Park-and-Ride spots ... one in the northern part of Hobart and one in Launceston.
    Park and Ride - Metro Tasmania Metro Tasmania

    However, I think there's one or two in a suburb south of Hobart as well. Perhaps they aren't official yet. There are changes afoot within the Metro.

    Hobart also offers shuttle services from the Regatta Ground to various locations at certain times of the year. Rowan and I have used that service once.
    Park & Ride Shuttle Service | Hobart City Council, Tasmania

    And there's the free Hobart Hopper Shuttle on Saturdays as well.
    Hobart Hopper Shuttle | Hobart City Council, Tasmania

    According to the link: "Park at any of Hobart City Council's off-street car parks and take the free Hobart Hopper shuttle. Shuttles connect with Hobart Central, Centrepoint and Argyle Street car parks, where you can park for the first 90 minutes free!"

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    Of course, in a bike forum, if the buses have a way to transport bikes, you can ride to the bus terminal, load your bike on the bus, then unload at the other end. No need for paying for parking, and no leaving your car in vulnerable park & ride lots.

    There are some commuters who drive halfway, then park the car in a park or something and ride the rest of the way.

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