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    Looking for a trailer that will work with a dutch bike?

    Ok, I have decided it's time to do a little camping and want to get a trailer so I don't have to strap everything to the bike frame itself. Distance is going to be about 10km with two steep hills.

    Problem is with a dutch bike, you have extra stuff in the way. (image is not of my bike, but close enough as the hardware around the nut is the same)

    I want to go with a trailer like this : Veelar Foldable Bicycle Cargo Trailer Shopping/Utility Trailer-20300 : Cargo Carrier Bike Trailers : Sports & Outdoors

    Any ideas? I need to keep this to a rather tight budget of around $150 USD.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It would seem you could figure out a way for an axle bolt hitch to work around your chain tensioner.

    Burley has number of different hitch adapters for different configurations.

    ::Hitch and Adapter Compatibility Guide - Burley--BURLEY--

    I don't have any of their bolt mounted hitches, but I did snag one of the "classic" hitches that attaches to both the chainstay and seatstay. I've used it on a few derailleur type bikes and it worked easily and smoothly. The trailer is not here today, but I should snag it tomorrow.

    Bike Friday just welds a air hose nipple to the chainstay, then uses an air hose end as a quick release for their hitch. Quite quick and easy. You could certainly make a similar custom mount for a hitch.

    Oh, the Burly Travoy also connects to the seat post rather than the chainstay.
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