Alright, now I know that this is the car free section, but I need a hand with a project I am working on and I am not sure where else to post....

I am working on a oil consumption awareness project and I need alot of help from you guys if you can. I need to round up as many gas pump receipts as possible. I am sure that you yourself probably do not drive or use gasoline, but maybe you know someone who does and would be willing to help out. I will be constructing a large cycling project using all of these receipts and then riding the sculpture around throughout the Chicago area. I don't want to give too many details about the project this early on, but please note that I do NOT need names or CC info on the receipts. If you or someone you know can, please contact me through email for my mailing address and send me as many of these paper receipts as possible. I may even kick you a buck or two for your time. I know that it is gonna take alot of receipts to cover the project, but with your help I should be able to collect enough within the next month or so.

In case you are curious as to the point of all this...I am basically using the reciepts and total dollar amounts spent at the pump as a way to show the amount of money and resource wasted on gasoline as opposed to riding a bike and using man/woman power. I feel that we, as cyclists, can ***** and moan all day to each other about the resources wasted and the ever increasing amount of people burning up our fuel supplys on gas guzzlin SUV's, but until we start to stress to them (motorists) the cumulative dollar amount that is being wasted, I don't think anyone will ever really listen. After all, money talks.

I can assure you that when this project is complete it will turn heads and hopefully begin to get the point across about the amount of money being wasted on gasoline/oil. So if you can, please give me a hand and send me some gas pump receipts. Thanks

ps. I will post some pics here in a month or two when it is complete.

Bike safe.