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    I am in process of going CAR FREE...

    And I have just about broken free!

    My name is Ned and I am 54 yrs. old.
    I am NOT an athlete and never have been
    but i have regained the freedom of my pre-teen
    years by riding bikes. When I get on and take
    off for a ride I feel FREE and as happy as I did
    as an 11 or 12 year old on my old Schwinn Varsity.

    I now ride recumbent bikes but for about 15 years
    rode a Schwinn Mountain Bike on city streets for
    exercise and weight loss.

    I ride my recumbents about 75 miles per
    week and try to stay CAR FREE.

    I have a basket on the back of my
    EZ-1 Easy Racer Sun Bicycle that
    allows me to carry 1 Large Brownbag
    of Groceries and I am able to shop
    without using my car. The EZ-1
    can be seen here.
    The EZ-1 is a heavy slow bike but I got
    tired of busting my hump, back, arms and
    neck on a Mt. Bike so I got BENT and enjoy
    the ride. I only average about 11 miles per hour
    (includes giant hills) but I have a personal best
    of an 84 mile round trip in 7 1/2 hours. That was
    up and down hills too.

    I also own a Lightning Dynamics,
    Thunderbolt Recumbent Bike which can
    be seen here.
    The Lightning Thunderbolt is a bit lighter and I
    can carry it on a BUS in Southern California if
    need be. I find it a bit faster than the EZ-1 but
    the EZ-1 is easier to ride. I consider the Thunderbolt
    to be a DANGEROUS ride by comparison to the EZ-1,
    but it climbs hills better and kicks butt on the downhill
    due to its LOWER and HIGHER gearing than the EZ-1.

    As noted, my goal is to go car free. My ultimate
    goal is to get a Rhoades Car Single Seater with 36 gears
    and a truck bed on it for carrying just about anything I
    might ever need to buy. Although as I grow older I need less.

    Ned Goudy
    Glendora, CA USA

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    FABULOUS, NED! Thanks for the information and thanks for your contribution to promoting bicycling as a legitimate mode of transportation.

    Your wheel looks comfortable.

    Ride on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nedgoudy
    When I get on and take
    off for a ride I feel FREE and as happy as I did
    as an 11 or 12 year old on my old Schwinn Varsity.
    Isn't that the truth? I think that's what I love most too. Going along, breeze in my face, open road ahead (usually). I also like that I can can go as fast as I am able. You can never do that in a car. A car is simply an exercise in frustration unless you need it for a long fast trip.

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