It's that time of year again when my wife and I are planning our yearly trip to the San Diego area. We usually go around late April or early May to celebrate our wedding anniversary. In years past, we've always driven the car and used it to go everywhere. And guess who drives..... me!! I'm sick of driving. It wears me down both physically and mentally. Trying to guess what the other driver(s) will or will not do, dealing with the bumper to bumper freeway traffic, hunting for a parking space, dealing with uppity valet attendants and other misc concerns just wears me down. This year I'm not going to drive. I told my wife that we either take Amtrak, Greyhound or SHE can drive the entire trip. No serious response yet from her regarding the options. Her first reply was "what?!!? Are you kidding??? I know that we can catch Amtrak at the station 2 miles from the house. I can drive my car there and leave it for the weekend but I'm thinking of taking a taxi for the short distance and not subject the car to possible vandalism even though that would be unlikely. I've looked at Amtrak before and it will take us to downtown San Diego; close to Fisherman's Village, the Gaslamp district and near the trolley line that seems to go almost everywhere that we might want to go. Hotel choices downtown seem to be pretty good. I'm thinking of the Embassy Suites down by Fisherman's Village. We've still got some time before having to make reservations. I'd like to hear from others who have done a similar "car free" trip to San Diego area. Thanks in advance for your input. Thom.