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    The Year of Living Car-lessly Experiment

    This is an interesting blog that I've been following for about 3 months (had a lot of catching up to do).
    And for some reason, I've forgotten to post it to BF's for the rest of you to enjoy.

    My deepest apologies for being so selfish

    Quote Originally Posted by Sightline Daily
    After the demise of their family Volvo, Sightline director Alan Durning and his family decided to try living car-free for one year.

    In this series on Sightline's Daily Score blog, Alan explores the benefits and dilemmas from being a car-less family with three kids. Readers from across the region (and other Sightline staffers) are chiming in with their experiences, questions, and tips on living car-lessly.

    To get you all caught up with the "experiment", here's a link to the first entry of the blog...

    Six weeks ago, my 18-year-old son slammed our 19-year-old Volvo stationwagon into the rear of a high-clearance pickup. All the people were fine. So was the pickup.

    But the Volvo wasn't, as you can see in this photo. Repairing It would have cost many times the Blue Book value. So we accepted the insurance company's check for $594 and bid farewell to the family car.

    Happenstance thus made us car free. But we decided to stay that way . . . at least for a little while. OK, actually, it's more of an experiment, to see whether a middle-class family of five can live a contented life in Cascadia's largest city without owning their own car.

    Why are we doing this? Cost, conscience, and capability.

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    I remember seeing this article a couple of years ago. I'm curious about any follow-up blog. As you know, these experiments often have the effect of turning us into back-sliders. I wonder where the author is today, transportation-wise?

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