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Robert C please tell us why your e-readers don't last. Do they break from rough usage? Do they just stop holding a charge? Do the screens stop working properly? Are there software problems? Let us know. I don't know anybody with an e-reader.

I would be extremely angry if I paid $100 or more for an e-reader that died after reading only ten to twenty books in a year.
I have had my sony PSRT-1 ereader for 2 years now, have read countless books on it, lugged it around on holidays and its still working like a new one. So durability isnt a issue (for me at least it isnt)

Besides, i have a backup of all my ebooks on my desktop pc, my laptop and on an external hdd. So in case it does break i'll just buy a new one and copy all the books again and be done with it in 5 minutes.