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    0 Thread(s) - International Day of Action to Reduce CO2 to Sustainable Levels

    I figured this movement might be of interest to a number of people in this forum. is a movement aiming to organize creative events of all kinds on October 24th to bring to people's attention the idea that we need 350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere or less if we want to maintain a live-able world. We are already past that, at 388 parts per million.

    October 24th is approximately 6 weeks before the next major global climate change conference in Copenhagen (think Kyoto part 2) and by stirring up public awareness at this time, we can rally the political will to enact the sort of agreements that are aggressive enough to actually address this issue in the rapidly-shrinking time frame we have to do something about it. So I would ask that you would spread this information or perhaps organize a local event.

    Please visit for more information about how to take part and the science behind the numbers.

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    0 Thread(s) was started in Vermont by Bill McKibben and some of his friends and students. The main mission is to get grassroots or netroots pressure on world leaders to do something positive about global warming.

    I heard McKibben speak in Traverse City, MI about a year ago and posted about it on this forum. I also linked to it in my sig for a long time. I think is a good effort and worth our support.

    Less than a year ago, Bill said that CO2 levels were 380 ppm. Now it's already 388 ppm. This is clearly a crisis, and we don't have much time to deal with it if we want to preserve our way of life.

    "Think Outside the Cage"

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