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But they do ship freight on private rail lines from the east to west coast now, and they have for a number of years and they are seen as the gold standard of moving freight. People not only drove on local roads the migration to the west coast happened before the interstate system. The government sponsored method of moving people is Amtrak, that is no ones gold standard. I am not saying government hasn't pushed transportation throughout our history I am saying I would rather the people had more say in it at the local level. At this time the rail lines running across the country are in private company hands and the Government lacks the ability to build their own rail lines to move passengers. I would never approve of nationalizing the rail lines so the point is moot. Any passenger rail running from New York to LA would have to show a profit just like any airline does. Otherwise government subsidized or not they go bankrupt. Like I believe GM and Chrysler should have if we indeed believed in our system. Ford deserves to succeed because they didn't take a bailout. I simply do see the government as the solution.
Airlines have plenty of routes that are break even or even lose money, quite often they are subsidized by local governments, or kept in place because they feed major routes that are profitable. Are passenger trains profitable? No. Are cars and highways subsidized? Yes. So move some of the subsidies to rail in areas where they make sense.