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What I see in Machka's drawing is a massive amount of wasted space for cars in the shopping district, it does look like they have a parking garage which is a huge plus compared to the massive amounts of surface parking that is contained around many US malls.

Below is one example of a mall in my general area. There is some housing in the lower left hand corner. There is almost no connectivity and minimal pedestrian facilities, walking IS NOT encouraged.

Yes, I would walk a long distance on city sidewalks (with nice views and shade trees) rather than walk a short bit across a parking lot!

We have a new "lifestyle" shopping center that will soon include apartments and condos. These residences are billed as "walkable-you will use your car less!" But they are separated from the rest of the shopping (and the rest of the world) by a few hundred feet of concrete. I doubt if many residents will ever want to walk anywhere!