Few weeks ago I had a 17 days long bicycle tour in the Alps, Europe (5 days in Switzerland, valais, then in Italy and at last few days : cycling legendary ascents, cols in the French Alps)
In the middle of the tour I participated on a extrem level cycling event: Super Randonnée Prealpina in Italy. Totally it is 618 kms + 12674 m hieghtdifference. To get the randonnee level you have to finish in 55 hours, but for the tourist version You have 7 days.
It's a cyclotouring event by the North-italian lakes: Lago Maggiore, Lago Lugano, Lago d'Orta, but contains 14 climbs: Banchette , Bochetto diSessera / Bielmonte , Alpe Noveis , Passo San Bernardo , Passo di Colma , Mottarone (1455 m), Piancavallo (1254 m), Pian dei Sali , Alpe di Neggia (1395 m) , Cademario , Lanzo d'Intelvi , Alpe Tedesco , Sette Termini , Passo Cuvignone (1036 m)

I edited a video about this bicycletour; have pleasure with it !

A longer (ca. 50 minutes long) video will be edited too