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    your favorite routes online?

    I am currently in the process of indoctrinating / recruiting a couple of friends for next year's randonneuring season, and am in the middle of posting some of my training routes to Bikely for their reference. I figured that I might just share the wealth and encourage you guys to post your own maps and routes if you have them somewhere. Bikely, Gmap-Pedometer, whichever.

    Here's mine so far (these are all in Massachusetts, btw):

    Picking Fights with Hills is my short hill workout (~25 miles). Elevation data saved on Gmap-Pedometer but I don't totally trust those readings.

    A Day At the Beach is my early season warm-up century to Cape Ann and the North Shore. It's also the one that I can get a couple of non-randoneer friends to join in on, as everyone likes a day with a lobster roll lunch. Some moderate rolling terrain around Rockport and Gloucester, but nothing too tough.

    The Metrowest Century is my bread-and-butter, long-steady-distance ride. There are some good climbs, particularly around Grafton and Boylston. Segments get swapped in and out as individual whim sees fit, but the overall path and sequence of towns has been pretty constant.

    Also, here's the 2006 Boston 300K brevet in Gmap Pedometer format. It's expected that this weekend's 300 will just be this route in reverse. This isn't mine, but it was posted to the Boston Brevet Series topica list a couple of months ago.

    Leg 1 - Bedford to Oxford
    Leg 2 - Oxford to Voluntown, CT
    Leg 3 - Voluntown, CT to Uxbridge, MA
    Leg 4 - Uxbridge to Bedford
    Elevation Data

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    The Alberta Randonneurs have about 2/3rds of their maps on their site: under Maps and Datasheets.

    I'd guess that a lot of clubs would do that. Have a look at my home page for a collection of links to the clubs in Canada, US, and Australia:

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