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    Same old Questions

    After completing my first century in about 30 years last weekend, I am getting bitten hard by the long distance bug. long ago, I raced, but never had good quick accelerations, but I had endurance out the behind. Longest ride was an impromptu double century. Now, older and fatter, I know my greatest satisfaction is in long long rides. So I have two questions for all you brevet riders out there:

    1) I live in a cold long winter climate, but all the brevet series seem to start in early June. So how do you get really ready for the longer brevets when you cannot ride consistently until mid April or so?

    2) Love my Brooks B-17, but need a narrower saddle for my more aggressive road bike (greater bar to seat height differential). What is your experience with a B-17N versus a Brooks Pro? Which do you like better if you have tried them both. I need to be able to spend more time on the drops that I can with the straight B-17.

    Thanks for sharing you experiences.
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    I've got a Team Pro on my town bike, a B-17 on the tourer (road bike), and a Brooks Swallow on the Brevet bike. I like all 3 - but found the Swallow (and maybe a new Swift I just picked up) more comfortable on the Brevet bike - esp in the drops or on the aerobars.

    Not sure how the B17N compares. You might want to discuss it and / or buy from Bill at Wallbike. He's got a great return policy.

    As for training - fenders, my touring rig or single speed or mountain bike, (the nice bike when there is no salt on the roads!) and the trainer. I'm looking at rollers this winter as well... ... and foreign films, esp Japanese Samurai movies and epics, as well as Tour DVDs, while on the trainer.

    Running, snowshoes, telemark, and XC ski too.
    So long. Been nice knowing you BF.... to all the friends I've made here and in real life... its been great. But this place needs an enema.

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