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    Bit of a laugh during my French quiz!

    I wrote a French quiz for my French class last Thursday, and had to chuckle to myself when I saw one of the questions.

    The question had 6 short sentences and asked us to place two adjectives (provided in brackets next to the sentences) in their correct locations within the sentences, and to make sure that the adjectives agreed appropriately with the nouns they were describing .... really quite simple.

    So I wrote out the first sentence ........ and then almost burst into laughter when I saw the second sentence (sorry, I can't seem to do accents on this computer):

    The sentence: "Elles vont faire une randonnee".
    The adjectives: (long, penible)

    The answer: "Elles vont faire une longue randonnee penible"!

    How true!!


    "Long" (or the feminine form longue) means "long"
    "Penible" means "hard, painful, tiresome"

    "Elles vont faire" means "They (feminine - so "the women", "the girls") are going to do"

    So ...

    The women are going to do a long, hard/painful/tiresome randonnee!! I can relate!!

    Only one thing though ............ randonnee in French means "walk", not a 1200K bicycle ride.

    Oh well, it still made me smile in the middle of my French quiz!

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    You are the only one that I could ever see laughing about a 1200k ride!
    Women think they're so clever because they can fake an orgasm for the sake of a relationship, but men can fake a whole relationship for the sake of an orgasm.

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