hey guys great to kinda go to my first BBC ride.

Almost missed the pack, but thanks to Weeeeeeeeee i had chance to chill out for a while before heading off. After heading off me and dave got caught on a red and that was it, it took us ages to catch up to the group, but eventually we did which was great.

Had some more chin wagging with a couple of the others , nice to meet those who i hadn't really met before. The group then turned at blackrock i said my good bye's to whoever heard my shouts of Byeeeee guys and headed down the road until i to encountered a flat (second this week) anyway got that sorted out then went on my merry way. Bought a new tube in mordi just in case and then headed down to frankston. Not content with frankston headed to mornington, not content with mornignton headed down further nice couple of long winding hills and then before i know it im in Dramana.

Got refuelled with some gator ade and choc bars. then up the beach road towards mornigton again. much nice route this way. Rode through the town this time having never been there before it was a nice place, then it was plain sailing all the way home. All up 168km for the day also got some nice pics which ill post up for you later as well

thanks again for the ride down ill catch you all soon