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    First 300 km brevet

    I should have done this PBP qualifier last weekend but had got wrong info and showed up one hour too late. Was very disappointed and sent some angry mails to the organisers. However I was told a couple of guys would ride this saturday so I joined them today. They were two elderly gentlemen who both were recuperating from colds. One is seventy and his PBP-days are behind him (twotime finisher) and he had not trained all that much this spring. The other one was coughing a lot but he was in much better shape. Very nice and experienced cyclists so I enjoyed the first 240 km very much. After that the slow pace really started to bother me, I was cold and tired. We split up with about 35 km to go and I flew home.
    A total of 16 hours and I feel just fine. Have to get some decent lights for my bike, I had thought we would have made it before dark. Next saturday is the 400 so I need a solution to the lighting problem. Anybody know of a batterypowered light that is strong enough ? (disposable batteries)

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    Yup. Get two Cateye HL-EL530 lights. Two are better than one plus redundancy. They're not heavy. You'll also need 2 taillights. See:
    My first 400k: more lessons learned

    Good ride. Hope your ride was ACP sanctioned. A thing sort of like that happened to me on my 100k Populaire. My stem cap bolts broke while I was testing my bars in the parking lot so I had to go home and get my beta bike. I got out of the start only 58 minutes late, which was inside the 1 hour time limit for departure, so I was inside the time limit for all the controls and finished ahead of many riders.

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