Yes, today, it happened and I wasn't even aware of it.

I suscribed to the Metropolitan Challenge 1 week ago, a "race" with bloacked roads and everything and different roads to take and shortcuts. However, my friend and I extended our ride from 41 Km with road and 11 Km from another for a great total of 163 km which correspond to 101,28 miles.

It was a realy pain in the ass because here in Quebec, we can't train during winter and I couldnt train or ride for the last 3 weeks because of my final exams. I did this almost completly untrained. However, I'm continuing my marathon training which lasts over 5 months that I've started 2 months ago but i've stopped for my exams. Let's say i've ran all winter to stay in shape though and it's my second marathon 2 years on a row.

On the winter, I'm trying to get to swim better to start doing triathlon instead of duathlons in ordre to complete my first Ironman soon. That's my main goal for the upcoming years or summer seasons. Endurance at it's maximum. No pain no gain.