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    Brooks B17?, with or without springs?

    I am ready to buy my first Brooks saddle for all day and longer rides.
    But I can not decide: with springs, or without? B17?
    Do the spings provide more confort, or they just make you loose energy,
    by bouncing you up and down?

    A few years back I purchased a "very comfortable" gell saddle.
    You can imagine the pain I had on a few rides before I destroyed it.

    Please, any advice from your experience will be wellcome.
    Thank you.

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    Generally, the only purpose springs (or suspension seatposts) serve on a bike is to cushion bumps for riders who choos a very upright position with virtually all of their weight on the saddle. Riding a cruiser, for example, can lead to some lower back problems for some people if they don't have springs or suspension.

    Go without springs. A well broken-in Brooks does give some energy absorbtion due to it's "hammock effect."

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