I'm planning a bike trek from South Carolina to Las vegas. I've been wanting to do somehting like this for a long time. I've driven across all tiers of the country and can't make up my mind if I want to go across the middle, arc under along the gulf coast, or arc over through some of the north country. I'll be towing a six foot cargo trailer behind my trusty Shwinn. And I plan to camp and rough it as much as possible.

I'm looking for people who've made treks like this to share their best advice and things that you did to make your trek go well. if you roughed it, how much trouble was it to find places where you could make a campsite and not be trespassing? I have a temptation to take spare parts for everything. But I could get bogged down financially and by gravity doing that. What would you take along if you couldn't take everything? Am I being reasonable in thinking that my tires shouldn't wear out before I get there?